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Barium Sulphate For PCB Coatings


PCB coating is a solvent environmental friendly coating excluding any toxic solvent such as aromatics. It is applicable to the fireproof protection of high-story buildings, industrial buildings, airport lounge, gymnasium and other indoor and outdoor steelwork erections. Meanwhile, it can also be used in electric wires, cables, timbers, fiberboard, plastics, and other flammable substrate materials.

A fireproof heat-isolating layer will be formed on the surface of steelwork with PCB coating, to provide heat-isolating protection to steelwork in case of fire, of which the strength will not be reduced rapidly under the high temperature of fire and lead to the breakdown of erection.


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HOTEN SUPER FINE , a super-fine barium-sulfate-based functional additive permits innovative potentials for the optimization of paint properties. A special production process combined with extremely effective after-treatment (coating) guarantees extreme fineness and the product's low conductivity at consistently high levels.


HOTEN SUPER FINE small particle diameter of less than 0.1 um and its low refractive index, no loss of transparency or gloss in the coated surface occurs. On the contrary: The spherical geometry of the HOTEN SUPER FINE particles means that gloss is actually enhanced in most cases. HOTEN SUPER FINE is used for stabilization of organic and inorganic pigments against flocking. HOTEN SUPER FINE adsorbs on the surface of the pigment and thus prevents agglomeration of the pigment particles. This stabilizing mechanism can be attributed on the one hand to purely steric effects and, on the other hand, this repelling action can also be explained by the electrostatic charge carried on the surface of the HOTEN SUPER FINE. The use of HOTEN SUPER FINE in particular permits effective improvement of the orientation of the aluminium flakes in metallic-finish paints.

This product's low binder requirement makes it possible to use HOTEN SUPER FINE to precisely control the rheological properties of a paint or coating. HOTEN SUPER FINE additive permits formulation of haze-free high-gloss paints, water-based paint systems, and paints and coatings with a high solids and low solvent content. The addition of a number of percentage points of HOTEN SUPER FINE reduces the solvent content of the paint system significantly. An increased solids content in a paint reduces the readily-volatile solvents content significantly, thus contributing decisively to the achievement of a lower pollution burden for humans and the environment.


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