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Nowadays, automotive paints have to be genuine all-rounders. They not only need ideal optical characteristics, they must also provide protection and be mechanically and chemically stable. Our HOTEN SUPER FINE products provide the optimum basis for all these requirements.

Thanks to their high density, low Mohs' hardness and low binder demand, natural barytes are suitable for a broad range of diverse applications in plastics and also in the paints and coatings industry.

As a functional additive based on an extremely fine-particled synthetic barium sulfate, HOTEN SUPER FINE opens up innovative potentials for optimization of the properties of plastics and paints. The specific nature of the HOTEN SUPER FINE particles permits this product's use as a nucleation agent for PET plastics, for efficient deflocculation of colored pigments and for reduction of the solvent content in paints and coatings

Our Solutions

Our HOTEN SUPER FINE product range provides the best possible basis for paints and coatings that have to pass the hardness test in everyday service. All branches of industry make maximum demands on the paints and coatings they use. Automotive paints, for instance, not only have to have ideal visual characteristics, they must also provide protection and be mechanically and chemically stable. Our response to these challenges: The tried and proven Blanc fixe range of extenders.

HOTEN SUPER FINE micro guarantees ultimate quality levels for top coats, for instance in the automotive industry. HOTEN SUPER FINE micro sets the standard for dispersibility, freedom from grits, gloss, resistance to flocking and sedimentation performance. In particular, HOTEN SUPER FINE enhances the efficiency of colored pigments in paints and coatings by acting as a spacer between white or colored pigments and thus preventing flocking.


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