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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

1. Product and company information
Product name: barium sulfate
Manufacturer: Hoten Chemical International Group (HK)Co.,Limited
Address:Unit 04,7/F,Bright Way Tower,No.33 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, Hongkong.
Tel: 0086-20-32208037
Date of issue: April 2004
Date of revision: May 2011
2. Composition/Information on Ingredients
Chemical name: barium sulfate; concentration: 94-100%.
3. Hazards Identification
Routes of entry: respiration, eyes, skin contact
Carcinogenicity: none
Target organs: eyes, lungs
Health impact on eye: Direct contact of the eyes with its dust might cause mechanical irritation.
Health impact on skin: Direct contact of the skin with its dust might cause slight skin dryness and slight irritation.
Health impact on digestive system: Inhalation of fine bentonite dust might cause mechanical irritation to the nose and throat..
4. First-aid Measures
Eyes: Flush the eyes with plenty of water or 0.6% saline solution. If irritation or reddish swelling persists, see a doctor.
Skin: An ordinary emollient may eliminate dryness. If irritation or reddish swelling persists, see a doctor. In case of a bruise, clean the wound with dilute suds.
Digestive system: Since this material is not absorbed in the digestive system, it is thought as nontoxic to the body.
Respiratory system: If this occurs, move to fresh air immediately. In case of stop of respiration, take an artificial respiration and send the patient to the hospital immediately. Keep warm and have enough rest.
Emergency eye washing: If employees are likely to be exposed to high concentrations of air-borne dust, the employer shall provide a water source nearby to provide against accidents.
5. Fire Fighting Measures
Extinguishing medium: A nonflammable medium should be used. The medium selected should not react with the other components of the product.
Warning on special production hazards: Avoid the generation of dust
Fire fighting protection equipment: no special requirement
6. Accidental Release Measures
Overflow process: no special measure needed
7. Handing and Storage
Handing: This product should be stored in a sealed container to prevent the diffusion of dust in the air.
Storage: This product should be stored in the original container away from incompatible substances, and kept dry, cool and ventilated with protective measures provided.
8. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
Engineering controls: Preferably engineering measures are take to protect from and control exposure; if this is not ideal, personal protective measures should be taken.
Respiratory protection: Use of a special gauze mask depends on the dust concentration of the workshop, which shall not exceed the normal working range of the mask.
Hand protection: Protective gloves are usually not necessary. However, if there is a need, they can be used to prevent skin drying and irritation.
Eye protection: dustproof goggles
Body protection: common working clothes
Emergency eye washing: If employees are likely to be exposed to high concentrations of air-borne dust, the employer shall provide a water source nearby to provide against accidents.
9. Physical and Chemical Properties
Water solubility: insoluble
Appearance and scent: light off-white powder; scentless
10. Stability and Reactivity
Stability: stable at normal pressures
Incompatibility: none
Decomposition/byproducts: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide
Hazardous polymerization reaction: There has been no report on hazardous polymerization reaction at normal pressures and temperatures.
11. Toxicological Information
Acute toxicity: data on carcinogenic tumor (RTECS); data on induction of organic mutation (RTECS)
Chronic toxicity / carcinogenicity: none
Genic toxicity: none
Genotoxicity: none
12. Ecological Information
Migration fluidity: This product is insoluble in water
Durability and decomposability: no relevant study available
Biological accumulation: no relevant study available
Eco-toxicity: no relevant study available
13. Disposal Considerations
Product: to be disposed of in accordance with applicable local and State regulations
Container: to be disposed of carefully
14. Transport Information
The Ministry of Communications of the People¡¯s Republic of China has not listed this product as a hazardous article.
15.Regulatory Information
Whether listed in Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA): Yes Allowable concentration 1% or higher (0.1%), thought as carcinogenic National Paints and Coatings Association (NPCA): health hazard index¡ª1, slight; inflammable hazard index¡ª0, minimum; reactivity hazard index¡ª0, minimum; personal protection index¡ªE, glasses, gloves and dust respirator
16. Other Information
The above information applies to Hoten Chemical Co., Ltd. These data and information are correct. However, Hoten Chemical Co., Ltd. makes no warranty, representation or implication as to the accuracy and completeness of the above information.
Hoten Chemical Co., Ltd.


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